Interested in Recipes from Fiji,Pacific and India?

Bula from Fiji, The Isles of Smiles!

This is my first post due to high cost of internet here, but I would like to say how very much our family and friends enjoy the recipes and notes from Ron! What a great site!

We would like to know if anyone “out there” would be interested in recipes from Fiji, South Pacific and East Indian dishes? We cook 'em all daily at our house and would be so happy to share them with you…Please let us know what you think! Here are a few recipes titles to whet your appetites…

Coconut Fish Kokoda (Fiji) (takes 10 minutes)
Shoyu Broiled Pork Loin (Rotuma) (10 minutes)
Blazing Yellow Chicken (India) (15 minutes) makes your eyes pop but you may adjust the chili!

So Happy Eating and we hope there is some interest as we would LOVE to contribute to this wonderful site.

Loloma from The Isles of Smiles,

Ratu and Summer

Hi there from New England.

Speaking for myself, Yes I am interested in different cultures and their cooking. I would love to try something new from you, please send.


I also would like the recipes you mentioned. I love Indian food, and love trying new recipes from other cultures.

Mary B.

Hello from Canada!
Sounds very yummie! :smiley: I also would love to try some of the recipes you mentioned… Please send.


Hello from California

I would love for you to share your home cooking with all of us, I especially am interested in the fish and seafood, and of course the chicken recipies also.
Thanks so much

Hi Bula,

That sounds great. Please do us all a favor and post your recipes to the forum.