Introduction from Mvhayv

Hi All,
I was directed to this great forum by a member on a food preservation list.
We were discussing an awesome sounding dipping sauce. I live in the
Panhandle of Florida, am retired, and have grandkiddos.:smiley:

i’m introducing myself as well…mom to a great 9 yo and needs more food recipes…he only likes chicken and hot dogs:roll:

Welcome! I’m new here, too. Looks like a great board and good group of people!

Welcome, Murphy! Ah, I know the feeling about picky eaters. My kids are grown, but remember the days when my cooking was limited because of my picky eaters. The good thing is, they eventually get over it, well some of them do, lol. I know some grown-ups who are finicky when it comes to eating. I’ll try most anything at least once.