Hello Ev1,

I’m Trynnyne,short for Trinity_nyne. I’m from the SF East Bay area,and I
love sharing and learning new stuff. I’m brand new to this forum,and I hope to be here for a long time.

Hello Again,
I am testing my quick reply function

Hello, welcome to the forum.

Hello my name is Linda and I am new to this forum.

Hello, I am new in this!!!

Greetings from Va. Beach VA…I’m new here but looking forward to sharing recipes and making friends’!!

Hello, I’m Lisa and new to this forum. I love to try new recipes, simple to gourmet. I am having a bridal shower next week with appetizers, would love any suggestions for recipes!

Hi everyone!!! I just joined the site after having used it for some time to get recipes!!!:smiley:

Hi everyone, I’m also new (as of 24 hours ago). I’m almonds…and no, that doesn’t mean I’m nuts (usually!)

I came to this site as I was researching how to duplicate Popeye’s Biscuits.
As a comparison, I am also researching Red Lobster Biscuits - both among the best around.
Anyway, I am an experienced cook, live in Dallas, and am happy to be a new member to this site.
I also frequent All Recipes and Food Network.:wink: