Is it possible...

to make steamed vegtables without a steamer?

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I’m making a big dinner tonight and just now realised we don’t have a steamer!!:o

Place veggies in a sauce pan with a small amout of water on the bottom, and they will steam the exact same way. Be sure you do not run out of water!

Thanks for your help!!

xLORIx - you can pick up a steamer basket that would work in a regular saucepan. They are relatively inexpensive and work quite well. The style I have works great with about an inch of so of water in the pan - just make sure there is water in the bottom. Depending on what you are steaming you can use a rack in the bottom of a pan - as long as the the rack is not in the water.

use a colander with a stand, placed in a big covered pot, with a little steaming water. If your colander has no stand… use a used tuna tin to rest the colander on. Put all your veggies in the colander…cover the pot and steam on low heat.