Is there a place where you can calculate Carb's?

I have never had to figure out how many carbs are in a recipe until now.
I have some old family favorites that I would still like to use, but have not been able to locate a carb counter.

Where do I look for such a thing.
They have had little books for calorie counting for years is there something similar for counting carbs???

My dad was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about a year and a half ago. There are some good books out there to help with counting carbs. After awhile though, you’ll be able to estimate pretty well and not even need the book anymore. Good luck!

I agree that after a while you will be able to tell. About 30 years ago my Dad was also told he had diabetes. We all took the new serious as he had a brother who died from the complications even though he did all the doctors told him to do at the time. Dad followed the “exchange” diet to the letter. We all found that weight was a key factor. If your weight went up, your sugar wasn’t under control. Energy was another factor, too much carbs and a nap was in order. Our Wellness Center gives out guides to carbs, fats, etc. Also we found various sites on line that aid in counting and allow you to input what you’ve eaten for a nutritional breakdown. The 6.95 IS a good price but if tight on time you may want to “google” and check-out some on line sites. It would also give you some others to discuss the diet issues. Also don’t forget that activity factors into what you can eat just like anybody’s diet! Good Luck, it does get better and you’ll feel better also!:wink: