iso-vodka soaked olives

Has anyone ever done these? I was looking for some info on doing them cant seem to find any.
Thanks kelly

Long ago in a strange land called " college " one was allowed to take courses in real life professsions such as “Mixology” ( what college student would not love that coures ? ) I was taught how to make these wonderful fruits of the gods!


Buy a jar of olives ( any type ), drain out the liquid ( save this for dirty martinis ) and replace with gin or vodka. Let soak in the liquid for at least 3 weeks before using.

You can spice this up with different herbs or hot peppers to taste.
Since the olives are in alcohol they do not require refrigeration.

TY…I was thinking thats about all I needed to do but I wasnt sure!!
They will be ready in time for New Years!! Im thinking some would be good in Pepper Vodka too!!
Thanks Kelly

hmm, infusion. i’m too impatient to wait for the liquid or fruit to ripen. lol.
a few years ago, finlandia vodka was selling a 26 oz bottle of their vodka in a glass infusion jar. it’s great. lost the recipes that came with it though.
ten years ago, our father gave my sisters and i a 128oz jar filled with dried fruit (cherries, apples, peaches, prunes, etc) that was then topped up with brandy. omg, it was so good. my one sister still has some. plan on raiding that on christmas eve. lol