it's been a long time..............

Well - I think I’ve been poisoned. It’s been quite a while since I’ve eaten at McDonald’s and I had to drive someone quite a distance today.

Their little one was hungry and wanted to stop at McDonald’s - so we did.

I ordered a value meal - fish sandwich, fries and rootbeer. From what I remember from years ago - that sandwich had taste! Today’s sandwich had no lettuce, the fish was flavorless, much smaller fish patty than I remember, a half-slice of cheese, and barely a teaspoon of tartar sauce. And their fries - did not taste like the fries they are famous for.

The fries were fresh out of the fryer, the sandwiches were fresh made - but it’s just not like it used to be.

Now I know why I prefer to cook!

Has anyone else noticed a change in their foods? I’ll admit it has been a while since I have had that at McDonald’s - but it was never like that before. Years ago the sandwich had lettuce, was a patty that extended a bit past the roll (which also looked smaller), you used to get a whole slice of cheese on it, it had tartar sauce that would drip, and their fries were really good.

Absolutely NO FLAVOR today!

Is it just me???

And give me Dad’s Old Fashioned Rootbeer any day - their pop dispensing machine wasn’t even calibrated properly.


I know what you mean. I recall them changing the way they make their fries several years ago. I think they changed the oil they cooked it in, in an attempt to make it less fattening.

Who really eats fries to be health conscious, LOL. I guess they were feeling the heat from all the lawsuits.

It definetely is not the same food as years ago. As a public corporation, I’ll bet some Finance guy had the bright idea to cut back on the cheese and sauce (as you mention) to try to increase their earnings per share.

I can’t eat much fast food anymore because my body kinda rejects it. Once you go a long time without fast food and your body gets used to eating healthy meals, you don’t feel good after eating that stuff.

Your body send you signals if you listen to it.

Oh I got the signal all right - and I think I will be up all night from it!!!

To begin with - you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that too much fried food is not good for you. But this thing with lawsuits - no one force feeds anyone at these fast food places. Obesity is not caused by the restaurants or how they prepare their foods - obesity is caused by the person consuming the foods and the amounts consumed as well as lack of exercise. Food is everywhere you look! You cannot drive down a main street without seeing fast food restaurants, pizzerias, diners, family restaurants, smorgasbords, greasy spoons, truck stops, hot dog stands, ice cream stands, hot dog vendors with carts on street corners, soda pop vending machines outside of buildings, sub shops, bars selling breakfasts, lunches and dinners, deli shoppes, bagel shops, donut shops, vending machines, corner stores and convenience stores as well as supermarkets selling prepared foods. You can go to the gas station for gas, beer, chips, pizza, donuts, subs - you name it. Food is always in our faces.

It’s like a subliminal message - see food - want food - eat food.

I think this whole lawsuit thing is the stupidest thing ever! It makes no sense to me at all.

And of course with a strong restaurant background I fully understand portion control. Take a place like McD’s or BK - with their little swirl of ketchup on each hamburger they sell. Their condiment dispensers have a hole that is a certain size and they know exactly how many hamburgers they can do with one dispenser and their profit and the amount of money they save by doing it that way is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars! To a company like that - every drop counts and is more money in their pocket!

It’s a shame it has to be that way - it is taking away from the taste and the quality. And it is one meal I don’t want to ever have there again. Not only that - but I have absolutely no desire to ever go back! Not to any of them - including BK, Wendy’s, etc.

It’s so much better at home! You have flavor, enjoy the portion you want and you won’t get sick on it!

Yuk !! I’ve never eaten a McDonald’s hamburger, and never will. A few years ago, hubby and daughter ate there and they were both sick…vomiting and diarhea. I called the Health Unit and made a complaint because I suspected some sort of food poisoning. I mentioned that the person making the hamburgers wasn’t wearing any “gloves”. A woman was sent to our house. We had to give her all sorts of information…exactly what they ate in the last 48 hours and I had to take stool samples from both hubby and daughter. She also mentioned that it wasn’t recommended that the cook wear “gloves” as it gives the person a “false sense of cleaniness” and they tend to touch too many things other than the food, which causes the food to have contact with other bacteria. She also visited the restaurant and later informed me that there were no health code violations and nothing wrong with the food. Daughter hasn’t eaten there since…guess she believes me now! LOL Hubby actually had some 2 days ago and was okay. Yuk!..those hamburger fast food joints are just not for me.

It’s like they say… there’s no such thing as the “24-hour flu”. It’s something to do with what you ate that made you sick. Which is what happened to hubby and daughter few years ago.

FYI…my grandmother died at 89 years of age and my grandfather died at 94 years of age. My grandmother was a strong believer in NOT eating any canned meat whatsoever. They grew their own vegetables, raised their own cows and chickens, etc. They were never sick or had a chronic illness during their living years.

In my opinion, today’s food is made to make it easier for the home cook because they just don’t have the time to cook, which is why there’s so much “preservatives” in the food. They have to add something to make the food have a “shelf life”.

In fact, just the other day my daughter (14) talks about when she’s in university or on her own and working. How she will manage her money and what and how she will eat. Her comment… just open a can of this or that… made me laugh; but it also made me aware of the fact that it won’t be healthy for her and that it’s important for her to know how to cook. Because in the long run, homecooking is cheaper and healthier than buying ready made stuff. You NEED to take the time!

That’s why in the fundraising cookbook that I’m making for her school, I’ve included all her favorites and a good variety of healthy dishes that are not that hard to make. Also included rules for “kitchen hygiene” and how to avoid E.Coli infections. I felt it was important to include this info because they no longer have Home Economics courses in school, which is a shame!

Well… wish you well and have a nice day!


You’re right! HomeEc is really needed in the schools today. There are so many ways that germs and bacteria can be transmitted. A friend of mine contact E coli and almost died from it. The restaurant was clean - the food was fine - it was the one who prepared it who did not wash their hands after using the restroom!

Gloves??? How many times do you see restaurant help wearing gloves and taking change, scratching their heads (or other body parts), collecting dirty dishes or garbage, etc. - CROSS CONTAMINATION! I feel they wear the gloves to protect themselves not the consumer!! And the gloves make them feel they don’t need to wash their hands - that they are already CLEAN! The gloves make their hands sweat and they touch food - - - I will stop there.

And the sad part is - with all these rules - many feel they are exempt and that their are clean enough so it doesn’t matter.

I went through a week of hell with salmonella - I had been cleaning 36 chickens for the restaurant for the rotisserie - and on the last bird I had cut myself leaving a very deep gash in my finger - and that is how I got it. I never want to go through that again! The hospital was too busy to take me right away. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

I also had a horrid bout with food poisoning (during Lent a few years ago) and the whole office was ordering subs for lunch. All I could eat was tuna. I will never eat tuna unless I have fixed it myself! Three of us were so sick - that we were out of work. The boss never forced us to work through our lunch hour and eat at our desk again after that.

The best thing to do is learn home cooking. No matter how busy a schedule you have - take the time to prepare foods. You can always can or freeze portions for a later date.

All my great grand parents, grand parents, great aunts and uncles, etc. lived longer because they had their own gardens, made everything homemade and didn’t have all these preservatives in their bodies!

Hand washing is so important. I don’t have glamourous hands. They are water logged. They scrub everything (no Playtex gloves here), take care of everything, wash eveything - just well used - but always clean.

Nothing in the kitchen is touched until the hands are first washed in my house. Wash before eating; and depending on what you ate - wash after eating! Remember the days when Lysol (bottled) was used to wash the door knobs, cabinet handles, fridge handles, etc??? Even faucets were cleaned with Lysol after they were cleaned with bleach. I think I am one of the few left that do that!

Cleanliness - disinfectants - hygiene - are so important with food preparation. Too bad they don’t stress it enough in schools to start them while they are young.

I started “training” my daughter to wash her hands whenever she came in from playing outside when she was very young. When she started school, I EXPLAINED how important it was for her to wash her hands with soap as soon as she comes in because of all the germs on the school bus. She’s 14 today and I’ve NEVER had any problems with her washing her hands when she comes home from school, coming in from outside, going to the washroom, and before eating. She tells her friends to go wash up before eating! It might sound like I’m a “germ freak” LOL, but I assure you that I’m not. Kids are always putting their hands in their mouth when they shouldn’t and, therefore, are always getting sick. I taught her young and it just became an automatic habit. Heck, I even got my hubby to wash his hands when we get home from town. There are more germs on door handles than anything else. And yes, KW, you’re not alone when you say that you disinfect your doorknobs! LOL

That is nice to hear Aline!!! I have been accused of being a neat freak and have been called “Antiseptic Annie!” and I don’t care! At least I know that I am clean, was brought up clean and believe in clean. When taught early in life - you have developed clean habits! And your daughter will pass that on to her children!

You’re not alone in griping about the fish sandwich!! I used to really like them, but I recently got one and it was exactly as you described it - a half piece of cheese, a smaller bun, and the patty didn’t even fill up the bun. Have you seen the commercials lately on tv for this same sandwich. They actually have cheese running down the side of the patty which is larger than the bun. I think this could be considered false advertisement, IMO!!!

Just once I would like to see a restaurant like that actually make one that LOOKS like what they advertise! But that would cut into their profit. They would probably double or triple the price to make one as advertised!

I too, sympathize with your discontent over the changes in food at fast food places. However, the Filet-O-Fish, in the 20 years I have know of it, has never been served with lettuce. Maybe it is different in Canada than here in the US, but it has always come with a squirt of tartar sauce, half a piece of cheese, and the fish patty and steamed bun. You can request extra sauce. Some prefer it without sauce at all.
The fries are not what they used to be at all - that can be attributed to the change in the oil, from no longer being a blend of beef fat and vegetable oil, to 100% veg. oil. Small changes can make a BIG difference! I liked them the old way.
Keep on eating healthy! Thanks for letting me share with you.

Thank you for sharing AnitaCooks! As far as the change in cookiing oils goes - is it those dang-blasted food police?? I don’t know if you have seen my thread in this forum about Lay’s potato chips. But they are using 100% sunflower oil and their chips not only taste awful but they leave a horrid after taste. So Lay’s is off my list. And it’s a shame - when I had no time for making chips and company was coming - Lay’s was the brand I chose!
Years ago McD’s did have a fish sandwich with lettuce - I think it may have had a different name from the one without - but even without the lettuce - their fish sandwiches have gotten crappy - along with eveything else! I liked the flavors from the old days better. So now I just do most of it at home myself. And to be honest with you - I think McD’s owns the fish filet companies! I wanted to buy some frozen fish fillets - which I have not bought in ages - like the ones they had years ago - square shaped - would fit nicely on a hamburger bun - OMG - those squares are about 30% of the size they used to be! What is happening??? I bought 2 different brands and they were so small! Sure you may get 8 in a box - but you can’t see how small they are and it takes several to make a sandwich! geez!!! Get a nice-sized bulkie egg roll and the whole box is needed for the roll! grrrrrrrrrr I’d rather pay the price and get some quality/quantity!!

I stopped eating at McDonalds back in 1978 - I had a Big Mac and ended up with food posioning. Have never eaten there since. Something about the smell of that place just flips my stomach upside down. My husband still enjoys eating there - of course - he has a cast iron stomach. I am not one that likes fast food. It just doesn’t seem to agree with me. I guess maybe the older we get the harder it is for some of us to handle.

I agree with you!

I prefer home cooking! At least I know what I am eating!!