It's NOT German Chocolate Cake !!

My father-in-law is constantly talking about his favorite cake that his mother used to make for him. He says it is LIKE german chocolate cake but the icing is crunchy and the cake is gooey/wet as though the icing had seeped down into the cake. My mother says that she remembers seeing recepies for a cake of this description but cannot remember the name. Does anyone know the name of this cake so that I can find a recipe to surprise my father-in-law on his birthday?

My friend’s mom makes a spiced oatmeal cake that sounds similar to that. I don’t know the recipe for it, but it comes out crunchy on top and soft inside. I make a german chocolate upside down cake which is crazy good and gooey but never crunchy on top so I bet that’s not it. It has a cheesecake swirl in it. Now I want to make one!

Thanks for the oatmeal cake recipe’s. Unfortunatly it is a chocolate cake with a coconut pecan frosting. The frosting then soaks into the cake and makes it very moist/fudge like. I guess I should have said that. I can’t wait to try your cakes now, YUM!