it's that time of the year.....

For a few days we had blanket weather - with the temps really dropping to near furnace weather! Then we got 3 days of heat and humidity to where you couldn’t breathe! Typical weather for us at this time of the year. As always - we have been promised rain and cooler temps - no rain - but it did cool a bit so I had fun today baking bread - 2 loaves crusty Italian bread and 1 large loaf of raisin bread.

Dinner was easy - pork steaks in a bit of olive oil, salt, parsley, pepper and garlic - cooked in the crockpot then slathered in honey BBQ sauce.

Served with a large loaded antipasto with red wine vinegar vinaigrette.

And hot tea for a change - I think I’ve been over-dosing on iced tea with the heat!

Sounds just like our weather, where you from?


I presently live in the wonderful snowbelt of NY!!