Jamaican Roast Beef

This roast beef will melt like butter in your mouth.

1 Medium sized beef pot roast
1/2 cup oil
one small onion finely chopped
2 stalks scallion finely chopped
5-6 large garlic cloves finely minced
2 sprigs thyme (leaves puled from stalks)
6 crushed pimentos
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons mushroom flavoured oyster sauce or rich soya sauce
1/4 teaspoon very finely chooped scotch bonnet pepper
1 teaspoon sugar
boiling water

  1. Combine in a bowl, the onion, scallion, garlic, thyme, pimento, black pepper, salt, scotch bonnet, sugar and oyster/ soya sauce.

  2. Set aside and pat dry beef. Make 5 or more 1" wide slits through the meat until almost completely through to the other side.

  3. Stuff each cavity completely with seasoning mixture, covering the outside also. Cover tightly and place in fridge overnight.

  4. Allow meat to get as close to room temperature as possible before cooking. Place oil in dutch pot and heat on high until oil is just smoking. VERY CAREFULLY, and quickly place meat (slit side down) in pot, covering immediatley as it will splash oil. This is done to ensure maximum searing of the meat to seal in juices and seasoning. When meat is dark brown in colour turn to another side until all sides have been properly seared.

  5. Turn your flame down to low and add about 3 cups of boiling water, just covering the beef. Continue to cook for about 3-4 hours until fork tender, turning every 30-45 minutes and adding water if gravy starts getting too thick. Once the gravy starts to thicken it will burn easily, so check regularly.

  6. Allow to sit for about 20 minutes before carving… Enjoy!

This sounds Like one I’m gonna try! Thanks for the recipe