Jaw Jamming Jerky

Jaw−Jamming Jerky

Start with rump roast — never use beef brisket. Or use a good cut of pork for pork jerky. Cut slices less than 1/4 inch. Marinate for 8 to 12 hours in a dry seasoning mix of your own design.

Then, for 2 to 4 hour after the meat has marinated, let lukewarm water run very slowly into the pan of jerky. This is to get all the salt
out so the jerky doesn’t have a dry taste. Place meat on racks to air dry.
Season it to taste with soy, garlic, barbecue, pepper, etc. as it dries.

After drying, set your oven at 150 degrees F.

Hang each slab of meat on a wooden pick, and place the wooden pick across the oven racks with the meat hanging between the tines. You can dry a lot of jerky by doing it this way. Leave the oven door cracked a few inches to allow the moisture to escape as the meat dries. Bake overnight or for 12 hours.

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