Jim`s Pineapple Cheese Pie

I have a recipe for all of you Beutiful People, God bless you all.
My recipe is:
Jim`s Pineapple Cheese Pie
1 can 20oz crushed pineapple
1 large box Pineapple Jell-o
1 reg. size box cream cheese
2 reg. size tubs cool whip
1 9" graham cracker pie crust

  1. drain juice from pineapple, set fruit aside. dissolve jell-o in juice.
    2.Microwave for 2 minutes. let cool.
  2. mix together 1 tub cool whip, pineapple fruit, cream cheese.
  3. mix in jell-o mixture to the cool whip mixture. Mix thoroughly.
  4. pour into the pie crust, and refrigerate for 4-5 hours.
  5. when ready to serve add a dollup of cool whip to each serving.
  • recipe note: this recipe can be used as a dessert with out the
    crust. enjoy.
    I eat to live so I can live to eat

Thanks for posting this recipe. When I was a little kid, we called this icebox pie and it was DELICIOUS on a hot summer day! So refreshing!