just a mess for lunch

Call it what you want - but I enjoy this very much!

Fry thick slices (cut in half) of white onions in olive oil (just a bit) with minced garlic, add red and green sliced bell pepper, saute till softened. While that is cooking takes slices of beef bologna, hard salami, cotto salami and cappacola; cut into strips and toss in pan and fry all together.

While this is frying - cut crusty Italian bread in thick slices, drizzle with my bread dip - the recipe is in the Recipe Exchange under the thread HERBS - grate fresh Pecorino Romano over drizzle and heat in the oven to toast.

Scoop fried mixture on bread, cover with sliced provolone, top with another slice of bread, take the jar of pepperoncini and the jar of greek stuffed olives out and ENJOY!!

Wow can’t wait for this dish…thanks…charlee

Charlee -

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different deli meats! There is not limit to the combinations you can use!