Just For Laughs

The English teacher had a perfect wedding. She and her fiance exchanged wedding VOWELS.

The minister said, "I now PRONOUNS you husband and wife.

“I love you NOUN and forever,” her new husband whispered.

The entire CONJUGATION was in tears.

“Let’s slip away to our honeymoon suite,” he said to her.

"Are you PERPOSITIONING me? She asked with a smile.

Q: What did the pen say to the pencil?

A: So, what’s your point?

Teacher to parents: “I hate to tell you this, but little Billy’s handwriting is horrible!”

Parents (hugging each other) to teacher: “Oh, our dreams have come true! Our son is going to become a doctor!”

I sure these gave someone a good laugh today as the whole world has gone completly boonkers!!!

That’s very punny.

Nice jokes. Thanks. :slight_smile: