just put this together -

Yesterday I steamed a pot of red potatoes for whatever we wanted to do with them.

Today I skillet fried (in olive oil), sliced zucchini and onions (let that saute a bit), added sliced green and red bell pepper, salt, pepper, minced fresh parsley and fresh garlic, added a couple peeled and chopped potatoes (steamed yesterday).

Served with oven-baked chicken fingers - skinless, boneless chicken breasts cut into fingers, dipped in egg, rolled in a mixture of flour, salt, pepper, garlic, parsley, sage and paprika and baked on oiled tin until (Even though it was hot I still had to put the oven on 150* F. to dry the bunches of fresh parsley I bought yesterday…when that was dried I increased the heat to 350* to cook the chicken fingers.)

Small side salad - lettuce, tomato, cukes and I also bought that new “spritz” dressing to try. Not bad - so now I am working on my own recipe for it - LOL!

Iced tea and plenty of iced tea flavored ice cubes.

I have a few leftover steamed potatoes so I guess I will end up making a salad of peeled chunked potatoes, sliced carrot and celery, sliced radishes, halved cherry tomatoes, sliced black and green olives and chunked Cheddar; and I think I will “spritz” it.

We have been using that “spritz” dressing idea for years. I just bought a one (1) pint spray bottle and put the dressing in there. Most dressings have to be put in the blender first (especially homemade) so they will actually spray. The only exception that I can think of right now is the oil/vinegar combo. It sprays easily. If the sprayer gets clogged, just remove and run under warm water for a few minutes. Works like a charm!

I have many spray bottles that I have used for dressings, bastings, etc. - I am just trying to copy the exact taste of one of them. I liked the flavor!

Spray bottles comes in handy for so many things in the kitchen. I like to spray the vinegar on my fries, that way they get lots of flavor and I don’t have a puddle of vinegar in my dish! And when you want the herbs/spices to stay whole - use squirt bottles; I buy them at the beauty supply house and I get a lot of use out of them too - and the best part is - you can cut the tip as far down as you want for thick spreads, etc.