Just wanted to introduce myself !

:smiley: I have been visiting now for quite some time this morning and wow, I’m soooooo hungry :rolleyes: and glad I found your site, now ready to make a trip to the grocery store!

FYI, my name is “part” of my registered brittany’s name. When I first picked her up and brought her home, she was non-stop and I remember to this day saying to her, Sassy, what a busy little Bee, you are, thus her registered name, “Busy B’s, Brass and Sassy” :mrgreen:

I hope to share some of mine with you soon, now and look forward to meeting you.

Welcome aboard Busy “B”!

This is a wonderful site packed with loads and loads and loads of recipes, cooking tips and of course - our valuable members who help to make this site what it is.

Please feel free to post any recipes that you would like to share with us! And if you need anything - just give a holler - we have many active members that are always willing to help!

Kitchen Witch

Welcome Busy B, It is always great to have new ideas and recipes. I know you will love this site so much. There are lots of great cooks here and they are all nice people too!!
Dainty Dish