keep mosquitoes away!

To keep the mosquitoes out of your backyard try this:

cut back your tree branches from your deck and patio (and it will almost minimize ants!) and pull up any weeds (mosquitoes use them as rest stops!)

plant basil on your patio - and the more water you add the stronger the scent to keep them away

soak your flowers thoroughly before giving a party or picnic to mimic a rain shower - bees and other polinating insects will stay away until they dry out

wipe down your tables with vinegar - the odor faces and will not bother your guests

turn on a fan and blow them away - they aren’t strong enough to fly against the wind it makes and it will also blow away any trac e of your scent so that can’t find you

try planting natural pesticides - chrysanthemums - their leaves contain pyrethrin which is found in many pesticides

remember to empty watering buckets, kiddie pools and other water basins - stagnant water is a definite breeding site