Kenyer Teszta (bread Dough)

Kenyer Teszta (bread Dough)

Hungarian Bread Is More Substantial Than It’s North American Counterpart.  It’s Kneaded Until Very Elastic & The Gluten Forms Long Strings Around The Bubbles Of Gas. This Gives The Bread A Coarser Texture.

3 Cups Luke Warm Water
1 Tsp Dry Yeast
6 Cups Flour
2 Tbsp Caraway Seeds
2 Tsp Salt

Place 1 Cup Of Water, 2 Tablespoons Of The Flour & The Yeast In A Large Bowl. Let Rise In A Warm Place Until Foamy, About 30 – 45 Minutes. You May Speed Up This Process By The Bowl Into A Container Of Warm Water.

If You Have Mixer With A Dough Hook, You May Use It To Mix The Dough; If Not, Using An Electric Mixer For Part Of The Process Certainly Helps.

Add The Remaining Water, Caraway Seeds, Salt & Half Of The Flour. Beat Until Smooth & It Comes Free Of The Bowl.

Place The Remaining Flour On A Board, Add The Soft Dough & Knead In The Remaining Flour. Continue To Knead Until Smooth.

Shape Into Long Or Round Loaves. Flour Lightly & Place On A Cookie Sheet & Let It Rise To Double It’s Bulk, Covered, In A Warm Draft-free Corner.

Lightly Brush With Water & Bake In A Preheated Oven At 400°f For 15 Minutes. 

Reduce Oven Temperature To 350°f & Continue Baking Until Golden Brown, 30 – 40 Minutes.

Cool To Room Temperature Before Slicing.

This Recipe Makes A Double-size Loaf Or Two Singles.

you can keep your caraway seeds. i hate them. my aunt always jokes to me about how can i be a true hungarian if i don’t like caraway seeds.

i hate those things so much that i make sure i ask for my rye bread without seeds. i’ll even flip it over and pick off the 3 or 4 seeds that always seems to be stuck on the bottom of the loafs.