Serves: 10

SOURCE Shadows

2 Pound bacon, sliced
1 Tblsp butter
As req black pepper, ground

Some of you with age will remember this type bacon from those camps that our folks used to send us to for the summer. It is not the typical flat served bacon and is the only way to cook bacon for a crowd.

Even though this is called kettle bacon it can be cooked in any large cooking vessel such as a dutchoven, large kettle or large skillet with deep sides.
This is how I used to make it when I cooked at a camp in Charles County, Md.

Place your cooking vessel on the heat source. Seperate bacon slices and drop slice by slice into the vessel. Add butter ( please use butter not substitute stuff, it is needed for the flavor ). Sprinkle ground black pepper over the bacon while stirrring.
Cook over low to medium heat stirring very often with a wooden spoon . Remove bacon pieces with tongs as they become crisp and place on toweling to drain.
Serve while still warm.

Lemon Pepper can be used in place of black pepper.
Add a dash of cayenne pepper while cooking to add some zing.

This serves 10 - 20 folks