lazy day - lazier tomorrow - laziest Tuesday

It’s just tooooooo hot to cook and even to eat to be honest with you! And it is going to get worse the next couple days.

All I did today was boil spaghetti, drain, return to pan with minced fresh garlic, salt, pepper, parsley and olive oil to coat; just heat through (take but a minute). Served with crusty Italian bread (you know me for my Italian bread!) And of course - plenty of brewed tea - I made it in a large pot, let it cool and poured it over ice cubes. Put the rest in the fridge but it didn’t last long; I need to make another.

Just a green salad for lunch - with my bread of course!!!

Tomorrow will be even warmer - so I think I will probably do subs and salads - so I don’t have to cook. Tuesday it will be unbearable - it is also the day the pizzeria runs their special on pizza and wings!

I don’t think I will cook again until Wednesday! LOL (and that is not like me!)