Lazy Me!

Last week we had meatloaf with mashed potatoes, gravy and corn.

I made homemade TV dinners with the leftovers using aluminum pie plates; covered with foil, labeled and frozen.

So today - while they are heating in the oven - I will make cornbread mufins and a nice green salad to complete the meal.

(remember to transfer the TV dinners to dinner plates - it’s tacky to eat out of pie plates!!)

Dear Lazy Me.
Not lazy —smart. I go to my local smart and final store and purchase devided plastic plates and lids. not expensive–share withn friends if to many in a package.

I find that my frozen homemade TV dinners stay longer without frezzer fuzz.
then I transfer to plates.goodmluck

Coldjane -

There are times I am such a freezer queen! I will make a large lasagna and portion it, sometimes with homemade garlice bread for a quick meal. I make large roasts to make dinners as well. Remember the frozen turkey and beef in gravy that came in a plastic bag that and you would just place the bag in boiling water to heat up? Been there, done that. I have even frozen desserts for later use. And they really come in handy for those days that I am rushed or when I have so much to do. When I was working 80+ hours a week they came in handy. Toss in the oven to heat while I took a bath or threw a load of laundry in or caught up on ironing. Although I am retired now - I still make TV dinners, etc.


It is wise to not use tin foil pie pans to eat from or freeze in, as the aluminium is known to be a cause of alzhimers. The same applies to all aluminium foil. I think your ideas is wonderful for leftovers except read up on this disease and maby use the cheaper "glad "type of containers to freeze in. or maby use a vacuum sealer and bags to freeze in after you flash freeze the foods. I use them a lot this way!

you read my mind, I have read up on this disease as my Father-in-law has Alzheimers and has been diagnosed for about 8 years. It is a horrible disease. I do not have any aluminum cookware, and usually use a glass pie pan when baking a pie (except when I make my Key Lime Pie with a store bought graham cracker crust) anyway, I’m babbling. Get rid of the aluminum cookware…