leftovers the day after Christmas....

It’s over. All the planning, baking, wrapping, spending, and all the hoopla - and it’s over. Sure, friends and family still visit - but “the big day” is over. Everyone is gone - no snow - but tons of rain and it is starting to freeze over - so company left.

I am not cooking tomorrow. I’ve got leftover roast beef in gravy that I will make for tomorrow’s meal with veggies and salad.

The braciole is gone but there are some stuffed shells that I froze with extra sauce - that I will pop in the oven for Sunday. Add a salad and bread.

Right now I don’t want to see a cookie or a dessert of any kind. Sampling a little of this and a little of that and I sampled my way into not wanting anymore. Birthday party Tuesday, another on Wednesday and christmas goodies every where you turn - (I’m not a big sweet eater anyway) I think I am on sugar over load.

Company is all gone - the mess is all cleaned up - so it’s just tea time right now. And I am exhausted.

I am so glad that I do not have to cook anything big for the next 2 days - I need the rest.