leftovers today - of course!

Yep - the day after Thanksgiving and if you think I’m cooking after the past couple days you’ve got another guess coming! Of course I love to cook and bake - but I do enjoy an occasional easy day of leftovers - especially “the day after!”

My turkey broth is done and I’m jarring some for the freezer today and making turkey veggie soup. Just heat the broth I’m not bottling, add my fresh veggies - potatoes, carrots and celery, then add a bit of pasta and cook the pasta right in the broth, add frozen peas and corn and diced turkey. - That’s it! One pot. Good lunch served with homemade bread.

And since I have dressing leftover - tonight it’s dressing, turkey and gravy and a veggie.

I’ve made up 4 turkey TV dinners that are now cold enough to go into the freezer and I have turkey and gravy for sandwiches or a meal at a later date to freeze.

Any leftover diced turkey is wrapped and ready for tomorrow - I’ll cook some pasta for salad, add chopped celery, hard cooked eggs, diced turkey, finely minced carrot and a bit of onion, salt, pepper and mayo. A nice twist on macaroni salad.

It is supposed to be a meatless Friday - but since we don’t eat meat the other 51 Fridays of the year - I think it’s ok to have turkey today.