let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Yep - after finally hitting the 50’s, 60’s and almost 70 - it’ snowing AGAIN! Sure - now that 90% of the frozen lake has thawed we are heading for lake effect! grrrrrrrrrrrrr That’s when we really suffer!

The winds are just whipping through here as if they are trying to reverse the rotation of the earth on its axis!!

Yesterday I bought chicken thighs because they predicted this storm and I wanted to make sure I could make a meal and soup as well.

I used 3 thighs to make the soup; onions, carrots, celery, seasonings, homemade egg noodles and frozen corn and peas.

The remaining thighs were cleaned, skinned and roasted (olive oil, fresh parsley, cracked black pepper and salt). Some were then finished off with honey BBQ sauce. Steamed baby sweet Yukons (these are sooo good! and very hard to find!) and salad of greens, tomatoes, peppers.

Hot tea and apple pie for dessert.

Good thinking! On tuesday I was out doing yardwork in shorts and a t-shirt, and today stupid Lake effect snow and hail got us.

Don’t you just love this kind of weather?? Then they wonder why everyone is sick. Some around here got as much as 8 inches overnight and more today! No more thinking spirng - THINK SUMMER!

One year - we had to wear our winter coats all through May and it finally started to warm up the first week in June!

You just never know when the last frost is around here - we’ve lost plenty of crops!

Do not say the “S” word!!! We had 81 here - then got four inches of snow. Yuck! Snow is almost gone again - just muddy and yucky roads. Wind is howling though today - about 13 degrees with that wind chill. Had to take husband to South Dakota this morning. Snowed from South Dakota all the way back into Minnesota. No snow near home though! Hopefully it stays that way!!!

Only 4 inches??? Geez - that’s just a “dusting” here! We’ve got anywhere from 16 to 24 inches and it’s bitter cold and blowing off the lake. Had to pick up some last minute items for Easter and I had to drive though whiteouts!

Well here in Tennessee we can’t compare with you but we did have flurries last night. Tempertures are 50 degrees colder than last weekend. Don’t know whats going on, Al Gore says its global warning ,but this has been a wild year weather wise and the weather forcasters are predicting major droughts in alot of areas thiis summer. Hold on to your pocketbooks I got a feeling groceries are about to go sky high!

You’ve got that right horselover!

Last year our crops were affected causing an increase in all our home grown fruits and veggies. Then we got hit again in fall with the damage to the grape crops.

Then we got hit really hard in mid-October with “The October Surprise” ice storm that destroyed 80% of our trees - fruit and all others. We still don’t know how many more trees will have to come down because of the damage - but it sure looks a lot different around here with most of the branches gone on the trees. It will take us a lifetime to get our trees back. More than half had to come down - and that is throughout the whole county!

The apple, pear, peach and cherry trees were all affected as well - so this year should be very interesting!

Right now the daffodils, hyacinths, etc. poked their heads out but stopped right there!

I’m just ready for summer. Want to plant my own veggies - at least that will help a little bit on grocery prices. I try to buy all my meats on sale and freeze them. Luckily I have two refrigerators and a freezer. The price of everything is just getting so scarey. Yesterday it cost us $50 for gas for the car alone. That is totally crazy. All I did was take my husband to work and come home! I told him he definitely needed to find a company to drive for closer to home. A three hour drive one way to work is a bit out there.

Bought onions for an Easter cookout and 2 good hamburger slicing onions were 2.05. I almost told the clerk she had made a mistake then I saw they were 1.77 a pound. A couple of months ago I bought a 3 lb. bag for 1.29. Saw a bumper sticker not long ago and it said my take home pay won’t take me home. The way gas and grocery prices are going I think we are all going to have to get one of those.

So true! I wanted to get some red bell peppers for the freezer - I use them a lot. But at $3.39/lb - I can go without! Even the green bells were $2.19!

Butter has gone up over 56 cents/lb. too.

A gallon of milk last week was 2.19 - this week 3.03!

I don’t even want to talk about gas - we have toooooo many taxes up here on that! And I just got an increase in my car insurance - $5 fee for some state thing that is new and $10 extra to drive in the state! Makes no sense.

I am beginning to wonder if we are going to all starve! Today I refilled 3 gallons of water, because we are on a well here and the water is crappy and I refuse to give it to the animals or drink it myself, or cook in it. I bought bread, 1 pound of bacon, 1 pound of honey ham, 1 pound of sausage, and a few other odd things. No biggie right? It cost me over $26 to get out of the grocery store!!! I was in shock! We do have two good things here, we live on 80 acres so we are on a well, and we have septic tanks - no water or sewer bills - but at the same token, we have to pay to keep them both maintained. We had the well guy out here this week, he was here for 3 hours, am sure that bill will be well over $250. Seems that our nasty water rusted up the float in the well again, so it stopped the well from working. We just bought this place about 7 1/2 months ago, so far we have had the the plumber out here three times, and the well has also gone down twice. So I wonder, if any, are we actually getting ahead??? I would say with the price of fuel to run into the nearest town for groceries, the price of propane to keep the house warm, and also to keep my stove running, and the price of having these people out here to keep the water and sewer running, no we are not, we are farther behind than ever! KW - if I may be so bold - what part of the country do you live in? I am gathering you live somewhere in the New England states by your replies and posts. I could be wrong. We left Colorado about 2 years ago for a cheaper way of life. Just to rent a house there was well over $1,200 a month - you can never get ahead in that situation. They renamed the Denver and surrounding areas “little LA”. I miss my dear Colorado and can’t say I am happy in Minnesota but are are getting along here. Which is important. So I will stay here ntil another opportnity arises. But it is still not an easy task. Wages are lower and when you average out the bills, it is much of the same. You rob Peter to pay Paul. Not sure where this country is heading to,

I agree with you crissybird! I am in the snowbelt off the Great Lakes (Lake Erie) south of Buffalo - famous for Blizzard '77, Ice Storm '78, Blizzard 2000 and The October Surprise 2006. It’s nothing for us to drive through tons of snow as if it was not even there! And I am making 2007 my year to get out of this state! We have taxes on top of taxes with a dab of taxes on top of that.

Years ago we were an area with successful plants, manufacturers and everyone had money and a job or two. Now you can’t find a job - all the plants and manufacturing places are gone and it’s been a mass exodus out of the area.

I love when the politicians get excited over a new company coming to town and giving “x” amount of jobs - most of them are in telemarketing positions - like that is a real job. Minimum wage with little perks for harrassing people on the phone. Sorry - to me - that is not a job.

Our schools are falling apart, teachers are being laid off and more and more jobs are folding. Houses are being abandoned and everyone wants to get out of here - including us!

We don’t have to worry about septic or sewer and water lines here like you do - but - we have our share of going without water with all the broken pipelines during the cold months! I dread those darn water main breaks - it can take days to fix. And with the winds whipping off the lake - we lose power and cable quite often.

Our prices are ridiculous - for everything. And get this one - they decided to build wind mills for electricity - to make it cheaper for us to have power. So what do they do - they build them - they are not working yet and they charge everyone $15 for this “sevice” - like that makes sense! And of course there are most likely “hidden” charges for this that we don’t see on our bill but we are paying!

Most heat and cook with natural gas which goes up every year. First it’s the gas price going up, then it’s the pipe that brings it to the street that they raise a fee on, then it’s the pipe that brings it to the house that they raise a fee on, then it’s the pipe that brings it to the area that they raise a fee on - and it just never stops! You know the routine - the toe bone’s connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone’s connected to the knee bone, etc. And everyone has their hand in the pot for $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Many of our farmers have gotten out of growing veggies and fruits for market because they find that there is more money in grapes (wine making). The few that are left know that they are the only ones growing the stuff so the prices are high. If you try to buy produce in a supermarket - it’s all third rate and expensive. If you don’t eat it before you get it home - it’s got to go in the trash! And that is not an exaggeration either!

In some areas you put in a garden and just before its time to “harvest” all your hard work - someone has raided the garden and your stuff is gone! POOF! If you have a fruit tree or two on your property - you’re prime target for the thieves.

I don’t think it is going to get any better either. Having a farm is a lot of work and it takes a lot of time. You are lucky to have the land - but it is so much work if you wanted to start growing as much as you can for yourself. Then there is all the work of canning and freezing.

Since the October Surprise where I lost so much from the freezers - I try not to freeze too much. Not until after I move and I get one of those generators that run off your natural gas line. I wouldn’t dare put a generator outside here - it would be gone before I turned around after I had it installed!

Hopefully you will be able to find a place that is more affordable to live. It’s very hard these days. Where I am - you can rent a house for $800 - $1600 per month. “Cheap” rent averages well over $500 per month. And with each increase in property taxes the landlords raise the rent.

You wonder if it is better to own or rent - both can be quite pricy and you end up paying in the end.

And yet - our country insists on supporting the world and neglecting everyone who lives here. Our politicians don’t care about jobs for us - illegal immigrants will do it if we don’t. As long as politicians are having their pockets lined with tax money they don’t care where it comes from. And it seems like no one is monitoring what is going on with taxes and utilities - not to mention gasoline!

I am to the very west of the snow belt and we had a good foot today. Merry Christmas…errr Happy Easter

LOL!!! Our Easter Bunny had to wear longjohns too!!! Maybe Santa is working double time for extra bucks cuz prices are so high!!!

We woke up to ice (of course - it pelted the windows all night) and then it cleared for a bit and then the usual white out! Colder than cold!

Maybe it’s because fall was so long??? But there sure ain’t global warming around here!!!