Lexyson's Chuna Peri Peri Omelete on Toast

Well This is my Fav. Breakfast of all times .

Ingridients :

3 x Eggs
1 x Can Of Chuna
2 x spoons of Mayonaise
Peri Peri to Taste
Salt & Black Peper to taste
2 slices of Toast

The Chuna Mix :

Add the can of chuna in bowl , add the mayonaise , and add the salt , peper and peri peri in ( do it to taste) . Mix well together

The Omelete

Mix 3 eggs together with some little bit of milk salt and peper and some peri peri mix well and put into pan with some butter ( I put my stove on 3 it is not to hot ) flip the omelete over when dry on top and put 6 slices of cheese on top of omelet

Take 1 Plate add to pslices of toasted Bread on there , put some butter on the toast and add the chuna Mix on them then add your Omelete on the there to .

Serve with Ice cold glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee

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