Lexyson's Tuna Salad

Hi Guys
Well I made this meal last night for me and the wife , It came out 200% better then I would have thought . Hope you will enjoy this one !!!

Ingredients :

1/2 Onion ( Cut in small pieces )
4 x Pickels ( Cut into small pieces )
3 x Spoons Mayonaise
Salt & Pepper to taste
Pinch of Peri peri
2 Tins of Tuna fish
250 gramms Marcaroni
little bit of oil
Pees & Mielies

Take 1 pot add the 250 gr of Macaroni in and add some water , add the little bit of oil to the water and some salt and cook till done , add the Peeas & Mielies and mix . Open the 2 tins of tuna Fish and put them into a bowl add the Onions , pickel Mayonaise and the salt & Pepper to tast & the pinch of peri peri Mix all well and add into seperate bowl and mix well Put into refrigerator until cold .

Enjoy the light Meal


I just made it last night…and its amazing! Thank you very much