little italy

Hello, for my mothers 80th birthday we took her to Little Italy and we ate at Angelos [146 Mulberry ST. 212-966-1277]. Well let me tell you first of all you must have a reservation and you will be SO PLEASED about your dinning experience that you will be talking about it for years! We are New Yorkers so I will have to say I have been coast to coast and NYC by far has the best food! What ever you order from the menu you cannot go wrong. From soup to nuts you will be thrilled. And the atmosphere is wonderful. The waiters were just as much into her birthday as we were which made it even better. Please give it a try the next time you are in town. Take care and enjoy!

OH BOY! does that bring back memories to me. I have been in that restaurant a number of times, and I agree it is wonderful. I live in the mid-west, and I absolutely LOVE N.Y. EVERYTHING about it. It IS the best place to get good food. I would love to go back soon. mary

New York has the best restaurants with the best food, but not Mexican food. San Antonio, Texas is the best place for Tex-Mex, and Austin and others are the best for Southwestern food.