Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll

1 1/2 lb. lobster, cooked, cooled and meat removed from tail, claws and knuckles (alternatively, you could purchase 3/4 lb. cooked lobster meat)
sea salt and freshly ground pepper
fresh lemon juice
mayonnaise (recipe to follow)
2 top-split hot dog rolls
2 T. butter, melted
1 scallion, thinly sliced
generous handful of shredded iceberg lettuce

Cut the lobster tail into 1′” cubes – leave the claws and knuckles as intact as possible. Gently mix the lobster with just enough mayonnaise to bind it together, and season with a little lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. Keep refrigerated till ready to assemble.

Pre-heat your griddle. Brush the insides of each roll generously with the melted butter. Grill the rolls till golden brown.

To assemble: in each bun layer some of the lettuce, the lobster, a sprinkling of scallions and a pinch of paprika.

Serve immediately with Cape Cod potato chips and an icy cold beer.

Homemade Mayonnaise

2 large egg yolks (room temp is best)
1 t. Dijon mustard
4 t. fresh lemon juice
1 c. vegetable oil
coarse salt and pepper

Place yolks, mustard and lemon juice in the bowl of your food processor. Pulse till well combined.

With the motor running, add the oil in a very slow and steady stream, till the mixture is thick and well emulsified. Season with salt and pepper.

Store covered, in fridge, for up to one week.