Looking for a salad dressing to go with Stawberry Manderine

I had a salad the other day and it was delicious it had nice greens, strawberries ,manderine orange wedges ,and almonds.

Easy to make but the dressing I wouldnt know where to start. Any ideas

Lori Alberta Canada :smiley:

I use a poppyseed dressing, any brand at your store is good.

I mix 1/2 of the can of manderin juice with any over the counter dressing that is a vinagerette base. Rasberry, poppyseed, my niece found this wonderful papya dressing that was awsome. I add to my salad dried cranberries and instead of the almonds use sunflower seeds or carmalized pecans and also add crumbled gorgonzola cheese…awsome flavers.

My family likes a dressing for a fruit with greens salad of mayonaise thinned with some of the juice from the canned fruit. :slight_smile:

I also like store-bought poppyseed dressing with fruit salad.