Looking for Dessert Dish..

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for reciept from Red Lobster. Its a dessert dish. I am not sure what it is called but I can describe it. Its a six layer chocolate cake, and has chocolate chips on the side. It is serve with ice cream. I tried looking into the Dessert forum but I did not see it. Can any one help with this. Thank you for you time.


That is another recipe that Red Lobster is not letting out.

You can make your own Chocolate Torte - prepare your favorite chocolate cake recipe and bake it in 3 round layer pans; split each layer when cool and fill with filling of choice or frosting. Also you can bake cakes in jelly roll pans and cut, fill and stack for 4 to 6 layers. You can press chocolate chips, candies or nuts into the frosted sides of your cakes/tortes. We have plenty of chocolate cake recipes here at RSN and you can use any of them!

Kitchen Witch