looking for lettuce wrap recipe

I’m looking for Pei Wei’s chicken lettuce wrap recipe, or something similar.

January 11th, 2009, 03:00 PM
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Re: Pei Wei Spicy
Hope this is what you are looking for?

Pei Wei Spicy Salad (Copy Cat)


This is one of my favorite out-to-eat dishes. It is a yummy fresh salad with spicy chicken (and sauce) and a lime vinaigrette. Here is how I get my fix when I am out of reach of a Pei Wei. Feeds 3-4 adults. Salad 1 - 2 heads Romaine lettuce 2 tomatoes (chopped) sugar snap peas (halved) 1 carrot (chopped) 3 sprigs basil (chopped) 1 bunch green onions (chopped) Spicy Chicken Frozen orange chicken (I use the stuff from Costco) spicy hot sauce - optional Cook chicken according to the package directions. Drench chicken in the orange sauce and add hot sauce to taste. Lime Vinaigrette juice from 2 limes 2 T. water 1 T. sugar salt and pepper to taste oil Combine lime juice, water, sugar and salt and pepper. Slowly add desired amount of oil while stirring.