looking for recipe for a filled cookie

I was in Sams Club, and sampled one of their new items. Its a cookie , looks like it was baked in a cupcake pan, cookie taste and looks like a tollhouse cookie recipe and the center is filled with chocolate (maybe chocolate chips), which was melted because it was warmed in the microwave…Super good… Hope someone has a recipe…be cheaper than $10.00 for 8 cookies;-) Thank you for any help…

twowild - was this a muffin or a cookie? you say it looked like it was baked in a cupcake pan - was it a muffin-top tin? I have several different recipes.


Hi Kitchen Witch, Not sure what a muffin top-tin is. these were called a cookie, but looked like a muffin and the top of this cookie/muffin was also the same dough as the sides and bottom, and had the melted chocolate in center which was totally encased by top, sides and bottom. Thank you Twowild

Several years ago (probably more than I am admitting!) they came out with a muffin-top tin - it was for making just muffin tops. Sounds corny - but when you overfill a muffin cup and it spreads at the top - many people love that part the best and they came out with a muffin-top tin that is less than an inch deep to copy a muffin top for muffin top lovers.

There are chocolate chip muffins that are filled with chocolate centers and probably many cookie batters that can used - filling the muffin cups about 1/3 of the way, placing chocolate chips in the center and covering with a spoon of batter.

I’ll start digging through my files.

Oh now I know what the muffin top tin is… no it was not that type of pan… Thank you for your help and time…Twowild

twowild - question - by any chance was this more of a brownie-type recipe? At a picnic I went to one of the girls baked brownies and blondies in muffin tins with chocolate chips in the center. Just wondering if it was similar to that.

Hi Kitchen Witch, no it looked and tasted and had the texture of a tollhouse choco chip cookie,

Thanks twowild - I guess I will have to make a batch of TollHouse and use my muffin tin and fill with chocolate chips and try this one. So far - I haven’t found a recipe but I have the TollHouse recipe and tons of other ones. And I think I will make a trip to Sam’s Club to see what they are. I’m curious.

Kitchen Witch, I lucked out Thursady, happened to see them in the freezer section , and two Isle over they had the samples. Boy they were so good. Thanks for your hrelp and have a great day…Twowild:D

You’re welcomed - but I have to check these out. I am so curious! And they sound so good!

Good afternoon, did you get to sample the delicous filled cookies…my mouth has been watering since I sampled them…LOL

A couple years ago I did a cookie recipe that was a peanut butter and you put in the middle a piece of Snicker’s candy bar.

I would suggest you make the traditional Toll House cookie and put in the middle, a whole or half hersey plain chocolate miniature bar you can get in a bag.

Hi, thank you for the tip, I will have to give it a try. Did you form the cookie in the muffin tin, and then top off with a spoonful of cookie dough on top of filling, as kitchen witch suggested?? Thank you again. Have a great evening !

I just made a ball in my hand and put the candy in the middle then kind pinched it back together. You can then press it out lightly so you don’t have a big ball on the cookie sheet.