Looking for Special Lemonade recipe??

IM looking for the recipe to Ruby TUesdays Strawberry Lemonade Recipe? N E body have it?

Watching the bartender at RB - he blended crushed fresh strawberries, lemonade, crushed ice, and a syrup mixture - which I took to be a simple syrup recipe.

I don’t have the original RB recipe - but you may want to experiment with this:

Simple Sugar Syrup

Use equal amounts of sugar and water (ex. 1 c. each, 2 c. each, etc.) - place in saucepan and using medium heat, heat through until sugar has dissolved, stirring occasionally. Do not brown. Cool. Place in jar, cover and store in fridge for making summer drinks.

Lemonade: 1 c. lemon juice, 1 c. simple syrup (adjust to taste), 1 qt. cold water.

Strawberry Lemonade: Add crushed strawberries to glass before pouring in lemonade. If you don’t want the seeds from the strawberries - strain into the glass.

Limeade: 1 c. lime juice, 1 c. simple syrup (adjust to taste,) 1 qt. cold water.

Iced Tea: Use the simple syrup for sun tea, regular tea or iced tea.

Using simple syrup keeps drinks from having clumps of sugar in the glass.

I hope this helps.

Sounds good will try. Thx alot!!

anytime!!! I hope it’s close to RT and you enjoy it!

Also - simple syrup lasts forever in the refrigerator - so you can always keep a batch on hand.