Lose Stress, Gain Control ( Diabetes )

Lose Stress, Gain Control ( Diabetes )

Stress can make blood glucose levels skyrocket. Take time for yourself to de-stress and regain control. Some strategies:

Yoga. Take a yoga class and benefit both your body and mind.

Progressive relaxation. This self-guided exercise can also be performed with the help of an audiotape. It involves tensing and progressively relaxing different muscle groups to achieve full body relaxation.

Delegate. Take some unnecessary stress off yourself and farm out time-consuming chores like ironing (to the dry cleaner) and party preparation (to a caterer).

Choose your battles. Is getting into an argument with your teenager over an unmade bed really worth it? Does it really matter if your spouse forgot to put the recycling out? Only fight those battles that make a difference, and let the minor annoyances pass you by.

Ignore and avoid. Have an annoying neighbor or a grating co-worker who just puts you on edge every time they walk up? Stay out of their paths and surround yourself with people who support you.
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