Low Fat Vegetarian Pasta

I invented this recipe myself when I used to go to a well known slimming class. You can substitute Quorn mince for beef mince…they are both tasty!

Half a pound of mince (Quorn or beef)
1 large onion, chopped
FryLight oil spray
1-2 tins of chopped tomatoes, depending on taste and number of servings
1 tin of baked beans - trust me on this!
Garlic powder to taste
Mixed herbs to taste
Gravy granules - vegetarian or otherwise
Half to one packet of pasta shapes, depending on number of servings

Use a large saucepan for the pasta and the sauce. Put the pasta water on to boil while you cook the sauce
Spray the FryLight oil onto the bottom of the sauce pan. (If you use beef mince, don’t use the FryLight and drain off any excess fat)
Stir the mince and the onions together until thoroughly browned
Add the tomatoes and beans and stir well
Add garlic and herbs to taste, and simmer for at least 15 -20 minutes
Add the pasta to the boiling water and simmer until slightly soft
Once the sauce has cooked, add a tablespoon of gravy granules to thicken and add flavour. You may need more or less, depending on preference
I always mix the sauce in with the pasta and stir thoroughly, service with salad and garlic bread (if you are feeling naughty!), but you can serve them seperately if you want.

My family adore this recipe, and it’s cheap and easy! It should serve 6-8 people, but can be stored in the fridge and re-heated the next day if needed.