Lunch Counter Lingo Glossary.

Lunch Counter Lingo Glossary.

Adam and Eve on a raft: Two poached eggs on toast.

baby, moo juice, Sweet Alice or cow juice: Milk.

crowd: Three of anything (possibly from the old saying, “Two’s company, three’s a crowd”).

draw one: Coffee

fifty-five: A glass of root beer.
gentleman will take a chance: Hash.

groundhog: Hot dog.

houseboat: A banana split, made with ice cream and sliced bananas.

in the alley: Serve as a side dish.

Mike and Ike or the twins: Salt and pepper shakers.

Murphy: Potatoes, so called because of their association with the Irish diet of potatoes, Murphy being a common Irish name.

Noah’s boy: A slice of ham, because Ham was Noah’s second son.

wreck 'em: Scramble the eggs.