macdonalds french fries?

Hello hello! This is Princess Kate. Yes I’m new here. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to make MacDonalds french fries… Uhmm… I dont even know if I’m in the right forum… Someone please help. :shock:

-Princess Kate

Mcdonald’s French Fries

They ass sugar to the oil. My Brother-In-Law use to work there. I make McDonald fries all the time for my family at home.

how much sugar do they put in the oil? does it burn and carmelize?

I worked for McDonalds many years ago…DO NOT PUT SUGAR IN THE OIL

McDonald’s seasons their fries with beef broth. This has been in the media, as it caused them some problems in India. The company admitted the practice, but stated they do not add this in India. The beef broth gives the fries the unique flavor. You can add it by using boullion or beef granules to season the hot fries.

I had always heard they were dusted with powdered sugar before they were fried.

I knoiw this is a old thread to reopen, but i thought the fries was fried in beef fat, which is what gives it the unique flavor?