Mailing food items

This may not be the place to post this but i need help.
Iwant to make some cinnamon bread avd mail to my sister’s. But what do i need to do to get it it maild after it is done. Do i need to wrap it in plastic wrap and foil. And can i mail it thur the mail.
Please just tell me what i need to do. I was thinking about making it today and mailing it Tuesday. Are should i wait and make it tomarrow and then get it mailed Tuesday.

Ilene -

It would mail best if you were able to place it in a metal tin (still wrap it in plastic wrap and foil - I would definitely do that). Place your tin in a sturdy box and if the box is too big for the tin - pack it tightly with newspaper around the tin so that it doesn’t shift all over during handling. There are various size boxes at the post office - maybe you can find one the size of the pan you are using.

You can mail it from the post office - and you can even do overnight, or 2-day delivery.

I mail baked goods overnight so that they arrive fresh. I mail mine the same day they are made.

And at this time of the year - metal tins in various sizes are in most stores.

Kitchen Witch


Thanks a lot this will help. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

and I hope it all goes well for you and is received in the same condition that you packed it!

Kitchen Witch