Make Juicy Tender Kebab

Hi All

Quite recently I tried a kebab recipe with a mix of other recipes making my own concotion. It was basic stuff like mince, onions, green chilli, garlic and some herbs. I put it in the oven, 2nd rack from the top on broiler and sort of grilled it to the desired doness.

Overall it was tasty and flavourful but I found 2 flaws.

  1. The kebab was in round balls and held fairly well allthough it was quite “crumbly” if that’s the word to use.

  2. It was a little dry on the inside but again the taste was good.

I remember reading that adding papaya into the mix will tenderise the whole mixture but will it add on juicyness.

Never the less, I was in my local grocer and saw papaya for sale at a ridiculously cheap price so I decided to buy it for the sole reason of using it in my next kebab recipe which is this week.

Basically, I need some tips on how to get my next kebab trial Juicy. As for the texture, I hope this decription makes sense but it should have a slight rubbery texture.

The last thing is how much of papaya should I use per KG of mince, I don’t want my kebabs tasting like papaya.

Look forward to hearing from you guys.