making testy Coffee drinks like COFFEE WORLD


I want to make coffee like famous cofee shops ; like Coffee world …etc.
I tested a chilled coffee with cream on top , cant guess the other ingredints what they used but it was so testy .
Can you help me to make some famous,good ,testy coffee drink both Chill & Hot in home .


I don’t know how to make anything specific, but one coffee drink we like at our house is this:

Take a coffee mug and fill half full of water. Heat for a minute in the microwave. Add 2 or 3 teaspoons of instant coffee. Let cool in refrigerator for a couple hours. Pour into a tall glass. Add about 1 tablespoon of Hershey’s syrup and about 1 cup (more or less) of Nestle’s Liquid Creamer (found in the dairy case). I like Sugar free french vanilla myself. Add ice. Stir well. This is similiar to McDonald’s sugar free iced vanilla coffee, but better.



Cold Brew Coffee

1 cup ground coffee
1 quart Container, (32 ounce)
1 Large basket type coffee filters

  1. Place ground coffee in container, fill with cold water. Cover and let sit for twelve to fifteen hours. Place strainer over large bowl and put coffee filter inside. Slowly pour over about half of the coffee and let sit until strained. Replace filter and repeat.

Source: Today’s “Home Brew”- Secret to great iced coffee without great expense | Southern Plate

Author Notes
To make regular coffee: place equal parts coffee concentrate and water in cup and heat.
To make iced coffee: Place equal parts concentrate and milk in glass. Add ice, sweetened as desired. You may find my preference for iced coffee a bit strong for you so leave room to add some water to weaken it if need be!

Cafe Latte Mix

1/2 cup instant coffee
1/3 cup sugar
1 cup instant non-fat dry milk powder
1/2 cup powdered coffee creamer
2 tsp vanilla

  1. This recipe has to be powdered in a blender. The vanilla makes things clumpy because it is a liquid, and the heaviness of the sugar makes it sink to the bottom while the coffee creamer rises to the top. Blending the mixture, takes care of all of these problems. Measure all of the ingredients (even the vanilla) into a blender container. Put the lid on. Process the mixture for about a minute, or until it is all powdery smooth, and the texture is even. This is actually a lot less work than it sounds like, and the texture is so impressively professional, that you may want to blend all of your coffee mixes from now on. Store in a container with a good lid. Makes 1- 2/3 cups.

  2. To Prepare:
    Combine 3/4 cup of boiling water and 2 to 3 tablespoons of the mix. Stir to dissolve and serve.

Author Notes
This is very similar to Straight Up Latte, available for $3.50 a box from Foldger’s. Mine is a tiny bit stronger, and a little less sweet. I think it tastes better than the store-bought stuff, but I am a little biased.