Making your own tea?


I was wondering if I can take leafs from plans in my garden, or grow my own particular plants, say peppermint/mint plants, then pluck the leafs and just add water.

Is it possible. I am not looking for caffiene, just a 100% natural hot drink.

Any other suggestions (doesn’t have to include leaves), i.s. sweezed lemon with hot water.

Thanks in advance.


why not? wash leaves, place in a cup, pour boiling water over and let steep for 5 minutes

Any other plants you can recommend? All suggestions appreciated

your best bet is to check out various teas in the supermarket and then take it from there

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Growing Tea at Home

For a wonderfully refreshing drink chop lemongrass and add boiling water and sugar to taste. Allow to steep until you get a strong lemongrass flavor. Strain and chill. Server over crushed or cubed ice.