Mango BBQ sauce - Help

I visited Maui a couple of years ago and ate at a popular restaurant called the Hula Grill. They served a pulled pork sandwich called a Kapalua Joe with the most delicious Mango sauce. As fate would have it I met a lady who was planning a trip to Maui and after telling her about my love for this dish, she shared that a friend of hers was actually related to the chef at the Hula Grill. To my great delight she said she would see if she could get the recipe for this incredible mango sauce and send it to me when she returned home. I heard from her the other day, but she was only able to get the list of ingredients, not the actual amounts. Would any of you culinay wizards be able to give me an estimate of the proportions of the following ingredients to make a mango sauce?

tomatoe sauce





liquid smoke




I would greatly appreciate it!