Marilyn's Hot Tuna/Chicken Caserole

Marilyn’s Tuna/Chicken Casserole

Preheat Oven to temp listed on biscuit can

1 box tuna helper
2 large cans of Tuna or Chicken
1 large jar mushrooms ( bits and pieces are fine)
2- 12 oz can mixed veggies (1 can drained, 1 can not drained)
1 large jar primto peppers
1 tin of can biscuits ( any brand)
Salt/Pepper to taste
Cheddar Cheese (1 cup grated optional)

Prepare tuna helper as box direction, but do not cook full time, leave juicy. Add other listed ingredients except can biscuits.

Pour into a large baking dish.

Open can biscuits and pull in half. Mash with hands to flatten (or use rolling pin to flatten) Place these side by side over top of mixture until all covered. You may use extra biscuits to fill in uncovered spots.

Brush well with melted margarine and place into preheated oven ( temp is same as temp used to bake can biscuits)

Bake until biscuits are a dark golden brown. Bake time might be longer than can directions say.

Remove from oven, serve hot with a green salad or Cole Slaw and desert

This is a meal in one dish, it has, meat, veggies and bread all in one pan. It is delicious.