Marilyn's NO Hassle BBQ ribs

Marilyn’s Easy, No Hassle BBQ Ribs

This takes the hard work out of making delicious BBQ ribs and if you do not tell them, they will think you spent hours mixing sauces and slaving over a hot grill to make these.

Ribs ( As many as you want, may use beef or pork, I prefer pork, good meaty ribs)

1 bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce ( cheap is fine)

4 TBS Worcestershire sauce (any brand)

3/4 cups Honey (any brand)

  • If you prefer tart BBQ, you might want to add honey in smaller amounts until it suits your taste.

Boil ribs until tender: This not only removes all that fat, but they will still be tender and juicy, not dry.

After Ribs have been places to boil, go ahead and mix sauce and set aside. After sauce is mixed well and sets for about 15 minutes, it should taste sweet. If it does not taste sweet and is still too tart, add more honey.

You might need 2 or more batches of sauce, depending on how many ribs you plan to make.

Remove Ribs from water and let drain for about 10-15 minutes.

Line baking pans with foil and lay ribs in, in layers. Baste as you go. Place in oven under broiler and broil. Turn and re-baste and broil again until BBQ sauce gets dull look.

Prepare these early, cover them and set on back of stove out of way until ready to eat. They should still be warm, if not, just stick back into over for a few minutes.

Serve with Baked Beans / Potato Salad/Cole Slaw/Corn On Cob