Maui Salmon

Hello, I am looking for Damon’s Grill Maui Salmon recipe. I believe it uses a Chimichura but not sure how. I had it the other night and it was perfect. It is on their lighter fair menu and only has 550 calories.


Please keep looking for me. I have never tasted anything as good. I don’t know if they are marianating in chimichurri or just putting it on after grilling but the salmon had a nice caramelization to it which I usually equate with a little brown surgar. Also, looking on the net, I am finding many chimichurri recipes and would love to know what combination they use. I hope you find one for me. Thanks so much for looking.

We’re getting there…How come there are no Damon’s recipes about?

We should really install a “Buy me a Beer” function into this forum so that when someone helps you they can be rewarded.

Oh,I know someone who would love those sweet potatos.
Do you have a good recipe software program that would combine do everything restaurant software does (I imagine)? It would make menus, collate ingredients, sort ingredients by store areas, do all kinds of searches etc etc.

oops. I just clicked on your link for smr. I am taking the demo.