meatball Subs

I dont work so I try to have dinner made before everyone gets home. This is so easy and everyones loves it.

make and bake meatballs
jar of pasta sauce…i make my own but store bought is good, use one or 2 depending on how many meatballs and how many people.

then i throw this in a crockpot and put on low.

i carmalize mushrooms and onions keep aside

then everone makes there own on a crusty bun you can add chesse if you want too,

Having a problem finding a “crusty Bun” here in the Colorado Springs area. Can you please tell me where you find yours, and what brand are they? :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Grandma Jo

I use a bun i get here at the italian bakery, but any will do.
the bun is shaped like a sub bun …very hard on the out side but soft inside.
If you cant find this kind, take a sub bun and broil it for a few secs.That works too.