meatloaf ingredients

I have always made my meatloaves with onions and peppers. I just recently thought of something,… Why have I never seen or heard of a meatloaf with diced potatoes, or corn in it? Would that destroy the “chemical properties” of the loaf? I really want to try it, but I would hate to ruin an entire meatloaf experimenting.

I don’t think it would destroy the “chemical properties”, but it would not taste like meatloaf to me. If you add potatoes and corn you are making a beef stew loaf. I have seen a meatloaf recipe with grated carrots.

Years ago my aunt would combine loose ground beef (when money was tight) and add to it diced potatoes, possibly some carrots, onions - to “stretch” the meal - sounds like the same thing except in a loaf shape. Sometimes a cream gravy, beef gravy, or a sauce was poured over it. Or the kids would douse it with ketchup - which they doused everything with ketchup!

Yeah, it will become a different recipe though. So you can always try it.