Melas that freeze well

I would like to make some meals for a friend that recently had a baby and I am looking for some meals that freeze well that she can just pop into the oven.


konnie -

I have been making my own “TV” dinners for years. If you do not have the 3-sectioned foil pans you can use regular aluminum pie plates. For microwaveable meals - just recycle the plastic dishes you may have saved from store bought dinners.

I have made the meat, potatoes, gravy, veggie dishes; pasta dishes (red sauce, white sauce, etc.); mac and cheez dishes; etc. I have even put a piece of garlic bread or a roll in with the dinner.

Also - freeze soups, stews and casserole types in plastic containers. The plastic containers can be microwaved - if not - they can be popped out of the plastic and put into an ovenproof baking dish.

Meatloaf and hamburgers can be frozen in one-sandwich size portions. Plastic ziplock bags are good for that - and you can even spoon BBQ sauce or tomatoe sauce, etc. on top before freezing.

Meat and gravy for hot open-faced sandwiches (turkey, chicken, beef, pork, etc.) can be sliced with sauce and gravy and place in a ziplock bag as well. Boil water - plunge in the bag (no need to thaw) and you have a hot sandwich in no time.

Quart and pint jars are great for freezing gravies, sauces, soups, or broths. Just remember - after assembling jars for freezing - place them in the refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours to make sure it is cold. Then cap and freeze.

And don’t forget, muffins, rolls, breads, cakes (or slices), pies (or slices), cookies, etc. - will all freeze well for a quick and delicious dessert or tea-time snack.

Freeze taco meat in individual bags for single tacos. You can also grate some cheese and place in in a separate bag inside.

Make tacos, burritos, etc. and freeze them individually so that she can microwave them when she wants.

I bet if you put your thinking cap on - you could come up with many delicious dishes that she will really appreciate!

Kitchen Witch