Melting Moments

This is my nana’s recipe, it is just a little piece of heaven on your tongue!

4oz cornflour
3oz butter
2oz caster sugar
One egg
Level teaspoon baking powder
Teaspoon grated lemon rind
Icing sugar


Cream the butter (margarine will do) and sugar until light and fluffy and add the lemon rind. Sieve the cornflour and baking powder together. Break the egg into a bowl and beat with a fork. Add a small amount (about a tablespoon) of egg and a similar amount of cornflour alternately to the creamed butter and sugar, beating well between each addition.
Place about a dozen paper cake cases in a baking tin and add a teaspoonful of mixture to each case (use the back of another spoon to push it off). Place in a pre-heated oven at 375F/180C/Gas mark 4 and bake 10 minutes until firm and golden (don’t let them get beyond a golden colour).
Allow the cakes to cool on a rack and then add a dusting of the icing sugar.


Thats exactly what I do…heaven!