Men's Health

Men’s Health
(Supplements and Vitamins for Men)

A dietary supplement for men needs to include zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin B6, essential nutrients for male glandular functions, essential fatty acids, and amino acid complex. Additionally, men age 50 and over, generally need extra pantothenic acid, zinc, and niacin, as well as herbal extracts of saw palmetto berry and Korean ginseng root. These natural compounds are especially important for older men. Pantothenic acid is a vital nutrient for the adrenal glands, which produce hormones. Zinc contributes to prostate function, testosterone synthesis and activity, and sperm development. Niacin is important to healthy blood cholesterol levels. Saw palmetto berry contains fatty acids and sterols, which provide important nutritional support for the prostate. Korean ginseng root is traditionally used to support masculine functions.

Men should take essential nutrients for masculine functions, combined with high-quality herbal extracts such as saw palmetto, which supports prostate health; Muira puama, which helps improve libido and sexual function; and ginseng, which helps support healthy testosterone levels. Teen males have unique nutritional needs including extra vitamin A and zinc, as well as sarsaparilla. Vitamin A fights free radicals, contributes to the immune system, and supports clear skin. Generally, adolescent boys suffer more from occasional acne because of the changing levels of male hormones. Researchers are exploring the link between sarsaparilla and skin health. Sexual maturation in boys increases their need for zinc. This mineral is involved in the immune system and the male sex glands.